Victoria Palace Theatre Seating Plan

The Victoria Palace Theatre provides seating for 1,517 people split over three tiers, the stalls, dress circle and grand circle. The stalls are home to rows A to V, a maximum of 37 seats wide with an aisle in the middle.

The dress circle covers rows A to L, at most 39 seats wide, and the grand circle includes rows A to K, again a maximum of 39 seats wide. Both circles also have an aisle in the middle of each row. Row F is priced high and the middle of row G is a popular choice offering good stage views, enough legroom and a reasonable amount of comfort. The dress circle aisle seats in rows A to D offer extra legroom into the aisle itself, with some the best seats in this tier at the end of rows D and H.

The dress circle boxes are worth avoiding, losing between a third and half of the stage action. The grand circle is both high and steep and can be cramped. But if you’re small or short, it’s a great place for a clear stage view at bargain prices.

Avoid the outermost seats in each row if you can and steer clear of seat A44, which comes with barely any legroom and impossible views. There are four steps down from the foyer to the stalls, 28 up to the dress circle and more up to the grand circle.